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An auction painting I’m doing benefiting the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults


Inspiration for my upcoming show….

Henri Matisse.  I look forward to incorporating my own paper cut outs into my upcoming show “Paper & Petals”.

Paper & Petals

The title of my first solo show in Red Lion, PA in April.  I’m very excited about the show and I’m also very excited to finally be creating something just for myself!

For this show I plan on incorporating paper into my paintings.  I’m visiting a fiber artist this weekend and I’m hoping to get from her unique, handmade paper that will make my paintings even more unique!

Here’s the first painting in the series.  It still needs a lot of work.



Fruit Trio for sale…

Set of 3 – 8″x10″ gallery wrapped acrylic paintings, $75 – You may purchase through my Etsy Shop:



I’m going to let the painting dry for the night and hopefully finish tomorrow!


Buffy in progress..


My favorite things…

My very first most favorite thing would have to be having my first cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning.  Before all the little rugrats wake up 🙂

My second most favorite thing is when my neighbor Maggie brings me magazines she’s collected over the years.  It might be a Town & Country, a Vogue or a Vanity Fair but inside at least one of the magazines I discover an article on an artist!  Sometimes it’s an artist I’ve never heard of which is even better!

This time it’s Vanity Fair and the artist is Gerald Murphy.  Sara & Gerald Murphy, a couple together against the wishes of their very successful and wealthy parents.  They moved from New York to Paris and had 3 children.  They wanted to get away from the restrictions of their parents and the commercialism and Prohibition in New York so they moved to Paris in 1921.

Soon after arriving in Paris, Gerald had an epiphany that would change his life.  One day he walking past a gallery and saw a Picasso in the window.  He was overwhelmed by his paintings and the paintings of Georges Braque and Juan Gris which he was then seeing for the first time.  He came home and told his wife that he wanted to paint like that!

So he studied painting and eventually became friends with Picasso – can you imagine!  Picasso would sketch Sara Murphy on the beach and he also did some paintings of her.

Gerald became one the most influential painters of the 20th Century.  Gerald only painted from 1921 until 1929; he is known for his hard edged still like paintings in a cubist style.  There is much more to the story and I can’t wait to finish the article!


I think that’s it for today.  I need to let this dry over night and then add another layer tomorrow.


Buffy in progress….